Our Process

ECCoE’s top priority is the client.

We will work closely with you every step of the way, putting together the ideal team of experts to fit your needs, timeline and budget.


We want to get to know you- your strengths, challenges and goals.

Before every proposed contract, we will meet with you to discuss goals, project background, future plans, meet key staff members, and more. We want to learn the ins and outs of your business and your needs.

Planning & Proposal

Every good project needs a solid foundation, so we’ll build one with you.

We will put together a “dream team” of consultants customized to your specific project needs and goals. We’ll give you our top level experts with experience in the fields you need. Our timelines are flexible, and we can usually start immediately.

Project Execution

Accomplish project goals on time and within budget.

Our teams all work on-site. The reason? There is no better way to really get to know a project than to immerse yourself in its environment. We will be working side by side with your own staff members, complementing your own strengths with our expertise and independent eyes.


We’ll keep you in the loop.

Milestones and time/budget management are key to any successful project, and we take this to heart. Our program managers work closely with the clients to maintain timelines and stay within (or below) the budget. We will present periodic project updates, as outlined in the initial workscope, to ensure the client never feels out of the loop.

Completion and Beyond

We’re here for all your future needs.

When a project is finished, ECCoE won’t just disappear. We’re here to help. The device we just helped troubleshoot? We can help with commercialization. We maintain a close relationship with all of our previous clients, and look forward to continuing to work together.